Introducing The Afridevelopism Movement

Posted at 9:22 pm on 02/15/2016 by GAA News

A new movement to promote development in Africa have been initiated. The movement is called ''Afridevelopism'' which is an economic movement which embraces and promote development and social progress in Africa 

Afridevelopism will embraces and promote development and social progress in Africa by recognizing bankable projects, highly relevant products, services and African focus events initiated by companies or individuals in the private sector. 

Afridevelopism products or services must have one of the following features in their core mission. 

Driving foreign direct investment in Africa
Driving international trade in Africa
Exposing African talents internationally 
Exposing Africans innovations internationally 
Seeking to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for Africans
Creating jobs in more than 2 African countries. 
Providing relevant services or solutions in key sectors in Africa.

More information about the movement is set to be release later this year.

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