Global Attain Advancement To Host Educational Panel at SXSWEdu 2016

Posted at 9:14 pm on 02/13/2016 by GAA Media
Africa is predicted to have the largest economic growth of any continent over the next decade and with it’s exciting growth path in which most countries are working on policies to fast-track advancement in the educational sector which poses a tremendous opportunity for economic growth and development. So it is with this fact that Global Attain Advancement will host a panel at the renown’s South by South West EDU Conference 2016 in title Sustainable Educational Development Initiative in Africa which is part of the SEDIA Program, an initiative of Global Attain Advancement LLC that advocates for sustainable educational development in Africa at all levels.

Given the importance of human capacity in development, economic growth and social stability, it is no surprise that education policy occupies an increasingly important place on national policy agendas. The widespread recognition that education is a major driver of economic competitiveness in an increasingly knowledge-driven global economy which has made high-quality education more important than ever before in both industrialized and developing countries.

So the panel will bring together educators from Africa and the U.S, who will talk about bold approaches to improving the quality of education in Africa at all levels. The panel session will focus on how we can make a positive difference in the life of children’s, families, and countries in Africa through Education.

Some questions to be discuss on the panel include;

How do we expand the vision of what is required from a teacher to ensure that their mastery of basic topics positions them to best educate the children?

What are the potential solutions to upgrade higher education systems related to science and technology across Africa? 

How do we increase private sector investment in education in Sub-Saharan Africa for access to quality education is a fundamental building block for economic and industrial development and improvement.?

How do we expand American presence in the African educational sphere?


Paul Crockett, CE0/Co-Founder, Authess

Dr Niran Adetoro, Director, Academic Planning,  Tai Solarin University of Education

Tantoh Azuh Fru Emmanuel, Presidential Excellence Award in 2014

Nga'ah Linda Bako, Educational Mentor

The panel will also feature Zac Ziebarth, the honorary panel chair who is the founder and CEO of SmartRoots Global Inc. Mr Zac will share a brief talk on the work SmartRoots is doing in Africa and a new initiative Smart Roots is doing with Lordina Mahama, the current First Lady of Ghana-Africa.

The Panel is organized to contributing to achieving the United Nations sustainable development goal number 4 for ensuring inclusively and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning. Obtaining a quality education is the foundation for improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

The panel is scheduled to take place on March 08/2016 at Austin Convention Center, Room 12AB from 03:30 PM. 

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