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Posted at 6:08 am on 09/02/2015 by Global Attain Advancement
Global Attain Advancement LLC is thrilled to announce their full nine programs.

About Global Attain Advancement

Global Attain Advancement LLC is an event production company that plans, promotes and execute events in the area of business growth, wealth creation and personal development. They provide world class programs which are geared towards young professionals, entrepreneurs and as well as individuals with a desire to succeed.

GAA host world class trainers, leaders, achievers, motivational speakers and bestselling authors to work together on an array of topics at our events. They exist to support individuals, enterprises and organizations through our programs around the world, impacting the lives of people who seek personal development, advance their business, take ownership of their financial future and for people who want to create a happier and more prosperous life.



Global Attain Advancement organize educational programs which allow people to enhance their unstoppable capacity for growth, professional and personal development. Their programs are specifically designed to assist individuals and organizations increase their productivity and achieve higher levels of performance and results. They are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their personal, educational, and business goals.

They offer a variety of conferences, workshops, seminars, forums, symposiums, summits and other events that empower people to fulfill their extraordinary potential. Their programs are highly experiential and we strongly believe that learning at our events, in an exciting and engaging atmosphere brings faster, longer-lasting and more effective results.

Programs By Global Attain Advancement


Elite Champions Conference (ECC)

This is the flagship program of Global Attain Advancement LLC. It is an annual two days conference that attracts participants from all walks of life and industries across the world, bringing together people who want to achieve amazing results in their personal lives, businesses, finances and health by hosting experts and inspiring speakers, in-depth workshops, networking and sessions. It is an event that unlock people potentials.

Rain Makers Music Conference (RMMC)

This event brings together music executives, songwriters, producers, social media visionaries, content creators, music artists, and bloggers. It is designed to help attendees to understand and navigate the evolution of the music business. It is an event that provides a necessary environment where technology meets influencers while taking concrete steps to study global trends, understand them, master them, and put them to use – for the benefit of the society.

Young Agents of Change Summit (YACS)

This event brings young change agents from around the world to lend their global stature, given them an opportunity to form global teams.  Its key ingredients includes, speakers and panelists, roundtables, private meetings, success stories and networking opportunities. It is an event where young like-minded people come together to network and create solutions to biggest social and environmental problems.


African Connection Market Expo (ACME)

This two days expo includes exhibit hall with merchants, vendors, and networks, as well as multiple tracks of sessions covering the latest trends and information from African markets. Through its industry networks, global reach and regional focus, ACME creates personal and business opportunities providing attendees with quality contacts, content and communities. The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 28 countries and visitors from all over Africa, thus giving exhibitors an excellent opportunity to explore several countries in one time.

Super Business Growth Seminar (SBGS)

This event brings entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors together in a cooperative environment to help businesses grow. The event provide an arena to answer the toughest questions that impact the way we do business. It also brings together some high rank entrepreneurs in the world to motivate attendees to take their business to the next level.

Powerteam Strategic Forum (PSF)

This is an invitation only event. It provide guests with laser focused content, unique experiences, access to quality people & ideas that create innovation, relevant connections and implement strategic plans. It’s a private event that help CEOs implement a system of practical and actionable management tools to grow their companies fast. It attracts CEO's, decision makers, investors, industry sector specialists, high-ranking business people and political figures from all around the continent.

Elevate Your Public Speaking Workshop (EYPSW)

This event brings together people who wants to advance their speaking career, gain confidence in public speaking or get into the speaking business. It feature expert speaker trainer that  gives attendees the secrets for connecting with audiences, speaking with power and delivering speech in a way that audiences will never forget and much more.


Uplifting Lives Fellowship (ULF)

This unique event brings students who are looking to strengthen their career path way. The event is designed to significantly increase opportunities for students to listen to people stories that will inspire them towards their own journey. It attracts college students as well as individuals who are searching for their true identity in life and to discover their full purpose.

Mastermind Assembly (MA)

This is a private invitation only event.  It's a roundtable gathering for positive individuals from around the globe where you must be referred to by an alumni or interviewed through the application process. It is an incredibly active gathering of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, thought leaders and positive individuals looking for relevant mastermind inputs that will make a difference to their business and their projects.


Global Attain Advancement Services

Global Attain Advancement has the experience, knowledge and passion to make their client’s event the best it can be. Depending on clients specific needs, their team of experienced event producers can customize a system that will help run clients event more smoothly and professionally. They can also work directly with clients staff to implement any of these options.

With strong work ethics, and a common love for the type of events that they produce, the GAA team strives to produce fan-friendly events, enriching the communities hosting them. They work hard to ensure a rewarding experience, guest’s sponsors, vendors and partners.


Services That Global Attain Advancement Offer

Event Production Management

Marketing and Promotion

Logistics and Operations

Consultation and Planning

Event Design and Mapping

Photography and Video Coverage

Acquisition and Coordination

Budget Management and Control

Project Scheduling

Talent Buying


To learn more about Global Attain Advancement and how to get involved in one of their programs, you can visit their website at or contact them at 512-783-5349 or

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